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become a MEMBER

APPLYING FEDERATION send Application kit (Application form, Statues in English and supporting letter from Ministry)
FIPS-MOUCHE BOARD check and validate the Application kit
GENERAL ASSEMBLY approve a new member at GA (April/May)

The organisation of a championship has been described in detail in the Championship Agreement signed by the Member and the Senior FIPS-Mouche Representative at the end of the Inspection visit. The Championship Agreement and the most up to date Championship Guidelines package under the below link.

How To organize

How To
bid for EVENT

Members of FIPS Mouche willing to organize any FIPS Mouche championship must present a written application and budget to the FIPS Mouche General Secretary at least four months prior to a FIPS-Mouche General Assembly. All required forms are included into the Guidelines package under the below link.

In February 1999, a Conference on Doping in Sport, held in Lausanne, created an independent international World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA). All members of SportAccord (for us: CIPS/FIPS and all national federations affiliated with CIPS) are the stakeholders of WADA. The main document of WADA is the Anti-doping CODE that clarifies the responsibility of Stakeholders in the fight against Doping. The WADA Prohibited List is each year renewed. All Athletes are responsible for what they intake and therefore:

For more details available under the below link.

How To comply
with WADA

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find an ANSWER (FAQ)

Feel free to contact us throughout out contact form. Unit price is 1 Euro + postage

Yes, it is possible. The restriction stated in the Article 12.4 of Competition rules relates to World championships only – it means no one can take part e.g. World Masters and World Adult in the same year.

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