General assembly – online participation

Dear Member Federations,

for those of you who can not take part in the upcoming General Assembly of FIPS-Mouche in Cape Town South Africa, scheduled for Thursday (18.April) 9:30 – 13:30, we are offering an option of online participation.

The original idea of online session while GA comes from series of brainstorming meetings with our members (delegates, managers, captains…) we run over last 2-3 years to allow an online participation for the federations that can not take part in physically. Our intention is not to make a valid hybrid assembly as for that we do not have any defined formal procedure in the statutes, and so we decided for a stepwise approach starting with a trial of passive mode only – which means the online participants will not actively take part in any formal act of the meeting (no voting) in comparison to the present delegates with mandate (some with proxy) to vote. If chairman decides he may allow some active online participation only in the last point of agenda dedicated to discussion on new improvements. The link for the online session will be only sent per email to the federation SPOC (single point of contact) who only may take part in…

For this year General Assembly of FIPS-Mouche I appointed Mr. Stefan Allacker (general secretary) by a role of chairman of the meeting as due to my business obligation I can not participate in person, anyway I will be connected to the meeting and may respond upon request as well.

I would like to take the opportunity and thank to congress organizers for providing local technical support and for accepting our proposal to have online session.

We hope you will like this small but hopefully reasonable improvement to increase the involvement of our member federations.

Let us have a successful and productive assembly.

Best wishes
Mario Podmanik
FIPS-Mouche President