General Assembly – new rules approved

Summary of the major Competition rules and Statutes changes approved at GA 2021

Competition rules:

  1. Definition of Zone “RoW” (rest of the world) – consisting of all non-European member countries
  2. Sector boundaries must be published on event website not later than 60 days prior the championship
  3. “One session a day” new model of the championship (used in Tasmania) introduces as a standard, sub-sessions with rotations officially allowed, official practice removed, duration and price limits for events remain same
  4. Certification of eligibility as a separate form removed, it will be part of the team application for championship, must be signed by member federation SPOC
  5. Championship badge form standardized
  6. Jury – head of IS team included, home country representative excluded (as represented already over IO)
  7. Disciplinary measure extended by ban from international competition (for specific time period or lifetime)
  8. No International Supervisor while boat fishing


  1. Zone definition (update) – founding member countries ideally belonging to the same region may form zone.
  2. GA may formally join also Representatives of applying member
  3. Membership fee deadline harmonized with CIPS Statutes
  4. Membership fee claim process harmonized with CIPS Statutes