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About us
What is FIPS-Mouche?
FIPS-Mouche is the viagra original pfizer order abbreviation for Fédération Internationale de Peche Sportive Mouche, or in English the cialis 5 mg International Sport Flyfishing Federation. It is the flyfishing arm of CIPS, the World regulating body for competitive fishing in all disciplines. FIPS-Mouche was founded on April 23, 1989 in San Marino, as part of CIPS, was founded in Rome in 1952 and now consists of four International Sport Federations. FIPS-Mouche shall aim to encourage the how to get cialis no prescription practice of sport fly fishing throughout the world and vibramycin online china viagra shall do so in collaboration with all CIPS members. In order to achieve this purpose, the Federation shall also collaborate with National Organisations, which are not members of CIPS. FIPS-Mouche shall also aim, within the Olympic ideal, to foster friendship and buy discount viagra understanding among all people, and peace in the world, through sport. In pursuing these goals FIPS-Mouche shall maintain friendly relationship with all other world organisations sharing this ideal and buy cialis online without prescription collaborate with them. Its members are the National Competitive Flyfishing Bodies of countries from around the World (detailed list see section Members).

What Does FIPS-Mouche Do?
FIPS-Mouche helps to arrange World and Regional Flyfishing Championships. World Championships are held each year, and FIPS-Mouche demonstrates its commitment to Conservation by organizing a prestigious Conservation Symposium in conjunction with each. Recently, a European Regional Flyfishing Championship has been held annually and pfizer viagra cheap we intend to introduce further Regional Championships in the future. In August 1998, we held our first World Youth Flyfishing Festival, combining a Flyfishing Championship and viagra next day delivery a conservation-orientated educational program. Similar Youth events will be held annually in the future.

What Benefits Do Members Enjoy?
The key benefits of membership of FIPS-Mouche are:
Participation in all FIPS-Mouche events.
Attendance at the annual Congresses at which all matters are decided democratically, with each member having one vote.
Staging FIPS-Mouche events, subject to obtaining sufficient support from fellow members at a Congress.

What Are The Responsibilities Of Members?
The need to abide by the Statutes of FIPS-Mouche and buy nolvadex online of CIPS.
Payment of membership fees (currently 850 EUR per annum).
Promoting friendly relations with fellow members.

Who May Apply For Membership?
An applicant organisation must be able to enter a national team in international flyfishing championships.    
It must subscribe to the Olympic ideal, and must not discriminate in any way by race, sex etc.   
Only one organization per country may be a member of FIPS-Mouche.

How To Become A Member Of FIPS-Mouche?

Please contact the FIPS-Mouche General Secretary, confirming that your organization meets the requirements for membership, and giving the name and buy cytotec online address of your organization and buy cytotec online details of your membership. His name and address are:

Mr. Borut Jerse
Celjska ulica 10
1000 Ljubljana




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